The focus area of recruitment in our company is the selection of highly skilled professionals

Our base contains over 200 specialists:


Metal and heavy industry

Selection of all skill levels personnel of iron and non-ferrous industry and machine building: engineers, crane drivers, planishers, molders, refractory men, turners, welders, milling machine operators, metalworkers etc. Documented confirmation of qualification and job interview.


Mining operations

We have an opportunity to select staff among the people working in the largest coalmines in Ukraine. The search and employment of such specialists as stope miner, shaft miner, mining surveyor, mine-rescuer, engineer. Documented confirmation of qualification and job interview.


Hotel and restaurant business

Our company provides the experienced and qualified staff for five- and four-star hotels for foreign customers. Our base contains chefs, waiters, entertainers for children and adults, room cleaners, host. Documented confirmation of qualification and job interview.



We have a long-term experience of construction specialists’ employment. We search for the personnel for major construction companies. Our base contains all kinds of construction specialists: engineers, shutterers, rod busters, concrete workers, general laborers etc.


Special drivers

Special drivers: production trucks, bulldozers, road scrapers, earth-moving machines, road roller etc.