About company


We are trusted with the most significant work!

The company “Tvoigorod” has been successfully working at the recruiting market since 2008 and opening the wide range of service recruiting for big Ukrainian and international companies. Most often, we face with the companies, which are looking for highly qualified specialists to work at metallurgic plants and factories. After all the work that has been done by our company, it obtained the reliable status.

The secret of our success is an individual approach to each client and big, constantly renewing resume base. We are using the variety of different sources: our own resume base, comments, reviews and responds on our own website, trade halls and forums, specialized databases, professional communities, social networks.

The main functions of the agency are:

  • Professional sourcing and recruitment
  • Personnel testing and assessment
  • Searching for exceptional specialists
  • Permanent market analysis and monitoring
  • Irregular task solution
  • Major recruiting projects
  • Searching for specialists individually and through partner’s regional network

Privacy policy

We guarantee confidentiality of all information about clients, partners, business plans, prices, salaries, applicants etc.


Each kind of business is unique and none of the vacancies resembles another. We do not work according to the formal scheme, but study the tasks thoroughly, offer an individual solution, an assessment of how effective the co-working isand appropriate customized contract.

For employer:

  1. dismissal assistance
  2. sourcing and recruitment
  3. payment overview
  4. integritycheck
  5. personnel assessment
  6. a lawyer’s counsel on labour and employment rights
  7. arranging of further education and special assessment of working condition
  8. personnel and accounting outsourcing

For job seeker:

  1. The preparationof portfolio
  2. The preparation of any kind of resume
  3. The preparation of reference list
  4. The preparation of covering letter
  5. The preparation of job review
  6. The preparation of letter of recommendation
  7. The preparationof autobiography
  8. Package solution

Deep specialization in recruitment allows us to provide sourcing on the most difficult positions efficiently and within a very short time. We consider recruiting as the most significant part of any business development. If you seek for real professionals, turn to our agency and we will find the best specialists for you.